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Are online casinos Legal? If so, where can I go for trusted information about playing games for real money? What if I live in the United States? These are common questions that players who are new to online gambling need answers to. is a reliable source for information related to the legalities of playing online casino games for real money. Whether you want to know if online gambling is legal in your specific country or state, or which online casinos are legally licensed and reputable, we’ve got you covered. We even cover which gambling laws apply to your specific jurisdiction.

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Top 3 Online Casinos That Are Legally Licensed For US Players in 2024

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Online Casino Licensing

Online casinos are licensed in one of two ways: Either they’re licensed and regulated by the local government where their services are limited to residents of that nation or state, or they’re licensed and regulated by governments that allow such services to reach international customers.

For example, an online casino licensed by the US state of New Jersey will only be accessible to those players actually inside New Jersey borders, while an online casino licensed by Costa Rica or Curacao will be available to gamblers all over the world.

Online Casino Fair Play Compliance

One of the biggest requirements for online gamblers is that their operators of choice are fair-play compliant. In the industry, this is called “provably fair gaming,” and it describes gaming software algorithms that can be audited and verified by third parties and industry watchdogs.

All the top online casino vendors are dedicated to transparency and fairness in iGaming, and your chances to win at Internet-based offshore casinos are statistically the same as your natural odds to win at any brick-and-mortar venue, regardless of the game type.

Online Casino Bonuses

Perhaps the most immediate draw for players looking to gamble online instead of at an in-person destination is the fact that online casinos – particularly the offshore services – offer valuable sign-up and deposit reload bonuses.

While bonuses do come with various rollover/playthrough requirements and aren’t perfect for all players, the majority of online gamblers will find that the bonus systems at offshore casinos are often a good way to pad their bankrolls and get substantially increased opportunities to win.

The Difference Between US Domestic Online Casinos And Offshore Online Casinos

For those in the US who have access to domestic online casinos (which are only in operation in a handful of states to date), there may not seem like much reason to use offshore sites. However, the vast majority of casino gamers in America can’t use domestic operators over the Internet, making offshore gambling services the only option.

Further, offshore USA online casinos offer all kinds of bonuses, virtual and real-dealer table games and slots, poker rooms, and more. Additionally, the typical age minimum to gamble offshore is 18 years old, while state-based online casinos require their members to be 21 and up. Offshore casinos aren’t geo-fenced, either, which means US players can gamble from any state (or any country) as long as they have an active Internet connection.

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, offshore casinos all accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which is an option that doesn’t exist via domestic vendors.

The Difference Between Domestic International Casinos And Offshore Online Casinos

International gamblers, generally speaking, have more domestic online casino access than US players. However, the same benefits hold true for those willing to forego domestic options for legal offshore casino sites.

Whereas domestic international solutions are thin on bonuses and often have age limits set to 21, offshore outlets often take players aged 18 and up, have a wide selection of valuable promotions, and support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. Further, you are not geo-fenced to your state or country, meaning you can gamble wherever you are, provided you have an Internet connection.

On aggregate, these benefits make online offshore gambling sites and betting shops a superior bargain for global gamblers.

US States That Offer Legal Online Casinos in 2024

There are only a handful of US states that have legalized casino gambling over the Internet. While most US states have embraced sports betting legalization, casino gaming is typically considered out of bounds. Right now, only five states offer any form of online casino action:

  • Delaware – Online casinos (launch TBA), online poker rooms (launch TBA)
  • Nevada – Online poker rooms
  • New Jersey – Online casinos, online poker rooms
  • Pennsylvania – Online casinos, online poker rooms (launch TBA)
  • West Virginia – Online casinos (launch TBA)

Why Online Casinos Are Better Than Brick-And-Mortar Casinos

Though some benefits of online casinos have already been touched on above, there are several reasons why online gambling sites are better than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, both in domestic and offshore capacities. 

Benefits Of Playing Real Money Casino Games Online

  • Convenience – Online gambling can be enjoyed wherever you are, especially if you use an offshore operator. You never have to carve out an evening or a weekend from your busy schedule to gamble online.
  • Game selection – Land-based casinos only have so many physical games on site. Online casinos have a larger selection of games, and you never have to wait in line to play.
  • Bitcoin support – If you want to wager with cryptocurrencies, online offshore casinos are your only option.
  • Privacy – When you gamble online, you may do so totally privately. Further, online sites use state-of-the-art encryption for your personal and financial data, bumping the privacy factor up a notch.
  • Bang for your buck – Online gaming doesn’t require you to spend money on gas, food, drinks, lodging accommodations, or anything else typically related to the brick-and-mortar casino experience.
  • Bonuses – Online gambling outlets usually have far more bonuses and perks that can be applied to gaming credits, free plays, and free spins. Physical casino perks are usually limited to comped meals and drinks or discounts on hotel stays.

Drawbacks Of Online Casino Gambling

  • Limited social experience – Online gambling simply cannot compete with the social experience you’ll get at a brick-and-mortar venue. If you want to make an evening of gambling with your friends, nothing beats a real casino in a bona fide casino district.
  • Not a destination or vacation – Many people attend casinos and gamble in the vacation context, making the event something to look forward to throughout the year. For these kinds of holiday gamblers, online casinos hold no real draw compared to destination resort casinos.
  • Slower payouts – Domestic online casinos pay out quickly, but withdrawing your winnings from offshore operators usually takes up to a week (unless you use Bitcoin). At physical casinos, you can get paid out immediately, which is something online vendors simply can’t match.

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